Case History: Weiss, Ronald Lee
Indictment #218 Crim 1997
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Date Court Docket # Event Description
03/19/2018 U.S. 3rd Cir. Ct. of Appeals 18-9001 Civil Case Docketed Notice of Appeal filed by the Commonwealth Details
09/27/2007 PA Supreme Court 543 CAP Notice of Appeal from the Order entered on 07/31/2007, docketed. Details
05/14/2003 U.S. WDPA WDPA#CA02-1566 Order Proceedings STAYED; Petitioner exhausting claims in state court Details
09/12/2002 U.S. WDPA WDPA#CA02-1566 Motion for Stay of Execution With motion to proceed in forma pauperis and motion for counsel Details
10/12/2001 PA Supreme Court 200 CAP Disposition of Motion Regarding Reargument Denied Reargument> Details
08/07/2001 PA Supreme Court 200 CAP Motion for Reargument filed. Details
07/24/2001 PA Supreme Court 200 CAP Opinion Judgment of Sentence affirmed. Details
11/14/1997 PA Supreme Court 200 CAP Notice of Appeal filed Details