Case History: Bryant, Robert P.
Indictment #CC8407686A
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Date Court Docket # Event Description
09/29/2008 U.S. WDPA 05-1080 Order status report on state court resentencing proceeding due 12/31/2008 Details
11/16/2005 U.S. WDPA 05-1080 Order denying motion to dismiss Details
08/12/2005 U.S. WDPA 05-1080 Other motion to dismiss Details
08/04/2005 U.S. WDPA 05-1080 Petition For Habeas Corpus Details
10/14/2004 PA Supreme Court 365 CAP Order Regarding Motion for Reargument Denied reargument. Details
08/31/2004 PA Supreme Court 365 CAP Motion for Reargument filed. Details
08/18/2004 PA Supreme Court 365 CAP Opinion order of PCRA court affirmed. Details
02/12/2002 PA Supreme Court 365 CAP Notice of Appeal from the Order entered on 03/24/1998, docketed. Details
03/05/1990 PA Supreme Court 0032WAD88 Opinion Affirmed. Details
04/18/1988 PA Supreme Court 0032WAD88 Notice of Appeal from the judgment of sentence entered 03/16/88, docketed. Details