Case History: Reid, Albert Ezron
Indictment #382-1997
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Date Court Docket # Event Description
10/08/2004 U.S. MDPA 3:04-cv-00258 Order Petitioner's Petition for Writ of h/c is stayed pending exhaustion of state rememdies of his unexhausted claims. Stay of execution issued on 5/21/04 shall remain in effect. If post conv. relief denied, petnr has 30 days from denial to resume hc proceeding Details
05/21/2004 U.S. MDPA 3:04-cv-00258 Order Regarding Stay of Execution Petitioner's Excecution is stayed pending completion of these habeas corpus proceedings. Details
02/06/2004 U.S. MDPA 3:04-cv-00258 Order Regarding Stay of Execution Order Granting Stay of Execution. The execution currently scheduled for 3/2/04 is stayed. Should Petr fail to file a Petition for h/c by 6/7/04, the stay issued herein shall be lifted. Details
02/04/2004 U.S. MDPA 3:04-cv-00258 Motion for Stay of Execution Motion Filed Details
12/30/2002 PA Supreme Court 280 CAP Disposition of Motion Regarding Reargument Denied reargument. Details
10/15/2002 PA Supreme Court 280 CAP Motion for Reargument filed. Details
09/27/2002 PA Supreme Court 280 CAP Opinion Affirmed Judgment of Sentence Details
08/19/1999 PA Supreme Court 280CAD Direct Appeal from the Judgment of Sentence entered on 10/09/98 and docketed upon receipt of order, dated 08/16/99, from the C.C.P., Criminal Division of Franklin County allowing an appeal nunc pro tunc. Details