Case History: Fiebiger, Anthony James
Indictment #CC9807734 for 7/31/03 execution, CC9807422 for 8/5/03 execution
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Date Court Docket # Event Description
01/20/2004 U.S. WDPA CA03-963 Order Proceedings STAYED so that Petitioner may exhaust state court remedies Details
11/18/2003 U.S. WDPA CA03-963 Petition For Habeas Corpus Details
06/30/2003 U.S. WDPA CA03-963 Order Regarding Stay of Execution 6/27/03 order granting stay, appointment of counsel and IFP status Details
06/26/2003 U.S. WDPA CA03-963 Other Motion for Appointment of Counsel Details
06/26/2003 U.S. WDPA CA03-963 Motion for Stay of Execution Details