Case History: Rolan, Florencio
Indictment #8402-2893, 2896
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Date Court Docket # Event Description
10/13/2004 U.S. EDPA 01CV81 Order/Opinion vacting conviction and sentence. Execution of Writ is stayed for 180 days to grant petitioner a new trial. Details
01/05/2001 U.S. EDPA 01CV81 Petition For Habeas Corpus Details
10/23/1997 PA Supreme Court 0161 CAD Direct Appeal ORDER: AND NOW, this 23rd day of October, 1997, the appeal is herewith transferred to the Superior Court pursuant to Rule 751(b), Pa.R.A.P. Details
04/23/1997 PA Supreme Court 0161CAD Notice of Appeal Appeal from the order of 02/20/97 Details
01/26/1995 PA Supreme Court 0083 CAD Order Per Curiam: The orders of the Court of Common Pleas are reversed. A Stay of Execution is granted for 90 days from date of this order and Counsel is directed to file a PCRA petition within that time. Details
01/06/1995 PA Supreme Court 0083 CAD Order Stay of execution is granted pending review by the full court. Details
01/05/1995 PA Supreme Court 0083 CAD Other Appeal from the Order entered on 01/05/95. Petition for Writ of Prohibition and the Exercise of King's Bench Powers and Emergency Motion for Stay of Execution and Appeal from the Order of the Court of Common Pleas Denying Stay of Execution. Details
10/18/1988 PA Supreme Court 0055EAP85 Opinion Affirmed. Details
05/06/1985 PA Supreme Court 0055EAP85 Notice of Appeal from the judgment of sentence of 04/30/85, docketed. Details